Summaries of UAE Courts’ Decisions on Arbitration

Summaries of UAE Courts’ Decisions on Arbitration



Arbitration in the UAE continues to evolve and the number of local and international cases has grown considerably since the first edition of this book was published in 2013.       


This Second Edition includes 43 carefully selected recent judgments (2012-2016) from the Federal Supreme Court, the Abu Dhabi Court of Cassation, Dubai Court of Cassation and the DIFC Courts.  


Presented in an easy to read format, a summary is provided for each of the selected judgments allowing the reader to gain insight into the facts of the case, the principles relied upon by the court to render its decision and the reasoning of the court leading to its decision.


An indispensable reference book for arbitrators, practitioners and educational institutions who need easy access to UAE jurisprudence focusing on arbitration. 


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ISBN: 978-92-842-0412-0
Published: May 2017

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