International Commercial Transactions

International Commercial Transactions - ICC

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ISBN: 9789284201044

Published: 2012


Packed with vital information and invaluable advice, the 4th edition of this much acclaimed book takes into account recent developments in international trade.
Professor Jan Ramberg, a renowned legal expert and writer, gives a concise and lucid presentation of the legal framework and the commercial principles, rules and practices surrounding cross-border transactions.
Dealing with the unexpected is often required in complex operations. This book will help parties to a cross-border transaction to avoid pitfalls and costly consequences when transactions don’t turn out as expected, including:
-   Protection against breaches of contract and changed circumstances
-   The risk of loss, damage or delay during carriage of goods
-   Resolution of disputes
-   Particular risk distribution under contracts of carriage by sea
An extensive annex comprises the texts of international conventions, major trade rules elaborated under the auspices of governmental and non-governmental bodies, model contracts and other helpful hands on material.

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