Handbook of ICC Arbitration

Handbook of ICC Arbitration - ICC

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ISBN: 9780414044630

Published: 2014


The Handbook of ICC Arbitration reviews the first two years' practice under the 2012 ICC Rules of Arbitration.
The authors - Michael Bühler and Thomas Webster - provide an expert rule-by-rule analysis of the 2012 Rules based on first-hand experience as arbitrators, counsel and members of the ICC International Court of Arbitration.
The handbook gives practical guidance on how to conduct ICC proceedings with reference to:
-   The application of the ICC Rules;
-   Published and unpublished ICC awards and procedural orders; and
-   The IBA Rules on the taking of evidence in international arbitration.
The handbook also provides examples of documents used in ICC Arbitration and includes a copy of the relevant laws from France, Switzerland, England and United States as well as the UNCITRAL Model Law and the New York Convention.



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