Dossier XIV: Class and Group Actions in Arbitration

Dossier XIV:  Class and Group Actions in Arbitration - ICC

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ISBN: 9789284203604

Published: available in October 2016


Co-edited by Bernard Hanotiau and Eric A. Schwartz

This publication examines the complex issues involved in class or group arbitration on a comparative law basis. Is there a place for such proceedings within the framework of the arbitration process?
Class action procedures, as developed in the United States court system and more recently in Canada, are almost nonexistent in Europe. The book highlights the lessons which have been learned from the experience of cases in the US and in Europe.

What does the future hold for class, collective and mass arbitrations? Are they a marginal phenomenon or has their potential yet to be realized? What are possible solutions to the issues that have been encountered? Can we expect to see more of such arbitrations in the future?
Written by arbitrators, academics and practitioners, this Dossier will provide the answers to these questions and many more.

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