Dossier IX: Players Interaction in International Arbitration

Dossier IX: Players Interaction in International Arbitration - ICC

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ISBN: 9789284201679

Published: 2012


The 2012 Dossier of the ICC Institute of World Business Law deals with a range of issues that arbitration practitioners should consider to prepare effectively for international cases.
Issues covered include:
-  What are the duties different actors of arbitration have towards others?
-  What is the proper balance between arbitrators’ immunity and liability?
-  To which extend is transparency needed?
-  Which means should be implemented to ensure a smooth functioning of the arbitral tribunal?
-  What are the challenges arbitral institutions have to cope with?
Written by some of the world’s leading arbitration experts, this Dossier takes into account the points of view of all “players” concerned: arbitrators, counsel, corporate lawyers and arbitral institutions. A must-read for anyone involved in international arbitration.  

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