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ICC in the UK News

03/04/2017, U.S. firm Cobalt threatens arbitration over Angolan oil assets (Reuters)
21/03/2017, Emotions of job fears behind growing protectionism, (Ian King Live - Sky News)
22/02/2017, ICC hails entry into force of WTO Trade Facilitation Agreement as “watershed moment” for world trade, (Reuters, The Times, Trade and Receivables Finance, and GTR)
19/01/2017: Davos 2017: Philip Hammond praises 'scale and depth' of the City after Theresa May says Britain is 'open for business' (The Telegraph)
19/01/2017: Chris Southworth gives his views on Britain's ability to strike quick trade deals post-Brexit (Ian King Live - Sky News)
17/01/2017: UK business must make the case for trade during exit talks (The Financial Times)
05/01/2017: Restricted lending and fragmented tech – ICC members bemoan trade inertia (TFR)
14/12/2016: Chamber of Commerce joins UN (Cambridge News)
24/11/2016: ICC and CBI discuss how businesses can tackle Brexit uncertainty (GTNews)
23/11/2016: ICC and CBI launch business guide to tackle Brexit uncertainty (press release)
22/11/2016: Sir Mike Rake discussing Brexit on BBC Radio 4 Today Programme and Radio 5 Live
08/11/2016: Brexit ‘spinning out of control’, top bosses warn (The Independent)
08/09/2016: Brexit means Brexit, Chris Southworth (Trade and Forfaiting Review)
24/06/2016: EU Referendum Result (press statement)
21/06/2016: Cool heads: the rest of the world is counting on us, Chris Southworth (Trade and Forfaiting Review)
13/06/2016: Empowering cyber-security providers, Chris Southworth and Allen Dixon (SC Magazine UK)
10/06/2016: Will Kenyon to lead new ICC Corporate Responsibility and Anti-Corruption programme in the UK (International Trade Magazine)
10/06/2016: ICC relaunches anticorruption programme with Will Kenyon at the helm (Trade and Forfaiting Review)
09/06/2016: Will Kenyon to lead ICC's anti-corruption programme (txfnews)
09/06/2016: Will Kenyon to lead new ICC Corporate Responsibility and Anti-Corruption programme in the UK (press release)
06/05/2016: Africanising arbitration (Global Arbitration Review)
04/05/2016: International commerce must collaborate with governments to deliver global growth (GTR)
16/04/2016: Brexit brief - A matter of business (The Economist)
13/04/2016: EU referendum: Business leaders tell David Cameron that Europe needs Britain in one more warning on Brexit (City AM)
12/04/2016: Brexit threat to UK Jobs, ICC Survey warns (Sky News)
12/04/2016: Global Business Survey results: should the UK remain in the EU? (press release)
09/03/2016: Trade Policymakers - here are your priorities, by John Danilovich (Financial Times)
18/02/2016: Rake takes leading role at business trade body (the Scotsman)
17/02/2016: Sir Michael Rake to chair ICC in the UK (GT News)
17/02/2016: Sir Michael Rake joins ICC in the UK – to lead new-look Board (fx-mm)
17/02/2016: Sir Michael Rake is new ICC chairman in the UK (txfnews)
17/02/2016: EU referendum: BT chairman Sir Mike Rake says British voters will choose to remain in the European Union as he takes up role at the International Chamber of Commerce (City AM)
17/02/2016: Sir Michael Rake joins ICC in the UK – to lead new-look Board (press release)
30/09/2015: SMEs hit by "trade finance gap" (GTR)
27/07/2015: ICC UK Arbitration & ADR Committee and Sub-Committee relaunched (press release)
18/09/2015: What exporters need to know about dealing with corruption and bribery (The Guardian)
12/08/2015: A Guide to Arbitration (Acquisition International)
11/08/2015: ICC UK relaunches under Beechey (GAR)

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