“Our role is to work with governments and businesses worldwide to open up markets, establish a level playing field for enterprise, and promote sensible regulation to further our members’ interests by making it easier for them to trade internationally”

Chris Southworth, Director, International Chamber of Commerce UK

“ICC is – and has been throughout its long existence – a steadfast rallying point for those who believe, like our founders, that strengthening commercial ties among nations is not only good for business but good for global living standards and good for peace”

John Danilovich, Secretary General, International Chamber of Commerce

The mission of the International Chamber of Commerce (ICC) is to promote international trade and investment through a rules-based multilateral system. Supporting cross-border trade and investment and, more broadly, the essential role of business in society, has been the mission of our world business organization since a handful of entrepreneurs created ICC over 90 years ago. Today, ICC’s global network has grown to over 6 million companies, chambers of commerce and business associations in more than 130 countries.

Introducing the International Chamber of Commerce (ICC)



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